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Why A Portrait?

My mother used to kid me and say, "this is the best you are going to look for the rest of your life". Of course, it turns out she was right. I spent so much time hiding from cameras that I don't remember what I looked like when I did look my best. Don't make the same mistake.


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In many cases, photographs are the only biographical material people leave behind after they die (Boerdam, Martinius, 1980).

  • Atkins
  • Blackmon1
  • Barnes
  • Lydia2
    Senior portrait. Click on the image to see all the photographs.
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  • Palm-bay-animal
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  • photograph of young woman on cold, windy beach
  • Blackmon2
  • Lydia's senior portraits
  • Lydia3
    Senior portraits. Click on the image to see the entire session.
  • Nancy
  • Couple-sunset
  • Degroat-beach2
  • Degroat-beach1
  • Cordner
  • Mckee-canvas
  • portrait of beautiful woman and two children
  • photograph of grandmother and baby
  • Archie
  • portrait of midwestern family on florida beach
  • Beaner
  • portrait of brother and sister - Ali & Alex
  • portrait of three generations of family at beach
  • portrait of beautiful child gazing into mirror
  • Waser
  • photograph of couple walking on the beach
  • Andersen
  • portrait of couple on beach
  • portrait of father and newborn
  • family portrait with mother and two small children
  • portrait of mother and beautiful daughter
  • bridal portrait on dramatic staircase
  • Mother-daughter photograph
  • portrait of man, musician and artist stan rhoden


Most of us get so busy with our everyday lives that we often discover years later, and, sadly, far too late, that we have failed to capture time in one of the only ways possible, by means of a formal family portraits. A family portrait should be done every year. It is the only way to capture those changes that happen so quickly, newborn to toddler, toddler to teen, parent to grandparent. Nothing provides the warmth of fond recollections years later than the ability to gaze and reminisce as we view moments in time that these images capture. You've been thinking about getting your portrait done. Don't put if off for another day!