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stylized photograph of church before wedding

Why Hire A Professional?

When your car breaks down you don't take it to your neighbor, the photographer, who claims to be a mechanic just because she changes her own oil on the weekend. You take it to an auto mechanic who occasionally takes a photography class on the weekend.

Having and camera makes you no more a photographer than having a hammer and some nails makes you a carpenter. (Claude Adams)

Wedding Photographer Serving Brevard County, Florida

"In 20 years all that will remain from your wedding, if you're lucky, is the person you walked down the isle with and the photographs. If you cut corners on photography by hiring anything but a professional, you're likely to only have one of the two." ~ Stan Rhoden, Master Photographer , educator, friend & mentor

I offer both Traditional Packages (including bride & groom album) and new Digital Packages. I now offer very cool video presentations of your wedding photos. You have to see this! ....learn more and get prices

Lindemann Wedding 20110219 0038
  • Lindemann Wedding 20110219 0038
  •  JER2631-Edit
  • Lindemann Wedding 20110219 0055
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  • Lindemann Wedding 20110219 0161
  • engagement portrait of couple walking down beach
  • Mcmaster 093
  • photograph of beautiful bride on dramatic staircase
  • engagement portrait of couple on beach
    One of my favorite engagement photos, this image won a merit award at the Florida Professional Photographers annual print competition.
  • photograph of bridal party
    The "cowgirl" bride wore bright red cowboy boots underneath an elegant wedding gown. Clever.
  • natural light romantic portrait of bride and groom
    Another beautiful window lit portrait. I look for this magical light everywhere I go.
  • photographs of wedding rings
    This is a page from one of my albums. The rings and garter were placed on the hood of a 1936 Rolls Royce limo and the brilliantly polished paint captured the reflection of the hotel where the wedding was held.
  • photograph of groomsmen
    7 1/2 men made up the bridal party
  • photograph of bridal party on playground equipment
  • photo of groom and groomsmen standing at the edge of the indian river
    Capturing the personalities of the bride and groom are what wedding day coverage is all about.
  • photograph of perfect florida beach wedding
  • photo of garter and dress
  • photograh of groom dipping bride on the beach
  • sample wedding page with a photo montage
    Each wedding page from my albums is a one of a kind image.

Lindemann Wedding 20110219 0038

Why would you entrust capturing the most important day in your life to an amateur photographer? Because they're less expensive? Of course they are. They don't have to invest in the equipment, backup equipment, technology, on-going training, professional association dues and all of the other expenses that professional photographers do. For many of these so-called "weekend warriors" wedding photography is a way to make a few extra dollars. Their livelihood doesn't depend on the quality of their work so they have virtually no risk. But you do.

When speaking to bridesmaids I frequently hear horror stories about how they thought they could stretch their budget by saving money on photography. They spent their money on a bigger cake, a fancier dress or a bigger limousine. Now, five or ten years later the cake is long gone (it wasn't even that good the first day!). The dress doesn't fit and even if it did, where would they wear it? And they still don't have a wedding album. Some don't even have any photos. They paid their money to an amateur who simply didn't provide, wasn't qualified to provide, what they promised: completed photographic coverage of the biggest day of their lives. Don't make the same mistake.

Even If You Don't Hire Me, Hire A Professional Photographer

You only get one chance to do it right. There are no re-do's, no make-over's. If your wedding photography doesn't come out right the first time you'll never get another chance. If you hire a professional you'll be hiring someone whose livelihood depends on getting it done right the first time.

When you hire a professional photographer he/she will not only have experience, they will have a considerable investment in technology. When you interview a prospective wedding photographer, don't just look at a few sample photographs. Look at where they work and how they work. Then you'll know whether you can entrust your one shot to them.

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