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Image Is Everything

In the hospitality industry it is said that the best way to get a guest to return is to get them there the first time. One of the key factors many first time guests cite as most important is the photographs on the hotel web site. If you are not showing your hotel, resort, B&B or spa in its best light, you could be missing an important opportunity to grow your business.


Travel And Hotel Photography

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Great hotel photography can be as important a part of your on-line marketing strategy as having the right rates. It is the first impression a guest has of your property. Poor photographs of your property may suggest to a prospective guest that you don't care about your property. Great photography can highlight the value and services you offer and help you turn lookers into bookers.

Here are several important steps to insure that your hotel & resort photography is the best representation possible of your property.

  • Hire a photographer with experience in architectural photography. There is a vast difference between taking a wedding photograph and interior photography. Many a dollar has been wasted by hiring a wedding photographer to photograph a hotel. Ask for references. Ask to see samples of numerous assignments.
  • Stage the rooms to their best advantage including adding accents such as flowers to brighten the room. Opt to photograph more spacious looking king rooms rather than crowed doubles.
  • Keep your photographs timeless by avoiding people in the shots and making sure that no seasonal elements such as Christmas decorations can be seen.
  • Highlight the features and benefits of each room. Items such as microwaves, refrigerators, etc. should be included in the photographs.